Tackle Tuesday

Intro to Creating Brave Spaces | Season 3 | Ep. 1

October 09, 2022 Johanna Pagonis Season 3 Episode 1
Tackle Tuesday
Intro to Creating Brave Spaces | Season 3 | Ep. 1
Show Notes


We are thrilled to launch our third season of Tackle Tuesday! This season, we will be exploring the topic of “Creating Brave Spaces” and how leaders can facilitate difficult conversations, work through conflict, and foster psychological safety. We will be exploring research and theory, sharing personal experiences, and providing leaders with practical steps in fostering a brave space. 

 In the first episode, Katie Allan and I unpack the term “safe space” and the reality that we mainly function in brave spaces, not safe spaces. A safe space is when there is 100% trust, you can open your mouth and say anything, and the concern that you will be judged negatively and lose credibility is minimal to nonexistent.

 It promises to be an enriching learning journey. Be sure to listen this season.

*Timestamps are listed below 

From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces ~an article written by Brian Arao and Kristi Clemens

Welcome to season 3

[2:05] Introducing Katie Allan

 [7:25] Exploring season 3 

 [12:0] What does a brave space look like in your workplace?

 [16:55] Johanna's experience on the 'one step forward and one step backward' activity

 [18:38] Katie shares her experience 

 [23:44] The distinctive difference between a safe space and a brave space 

 [26:48] Are safe spaces better than brave spaces?

 [28:49] What does it feel like being in a brave space?

 [35:02] Steps to take in creating a brave space

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