Tackle Tuesday

Connecting With Others Part 2 | Season 3 | Ep. 4

February 12, 2023 Johanna Pagonis Season 3 Episode 4
Tackle Tuesday
Connecting With Others Part 2 | Season 3 | Ep. 4
Show Notes


In the fourth episode of this season of the Tackle Tuesday podcast, we explore part two of how to connect with others. Specifically, we will talk about psychological safety and the differences between diversity hiring and diversity hire

 When discussing psychological safety – we talk about what it is and how to build it with the teams you work with. We also reflect on how psychologically safe are the teams you work with? Why is it sometimes hard to achieve psychological safety? What does the research say around how to foster psychological safety in the workplace and why does it matter? These questions are tackled in the episode! 

 What is the difference between diversity hiring and a diversity hire? This episode explores both concepts in addition to how our implicit biases may affect how we recruit and promote diverse talent within our teams. This is why we have to implement a thoughtful diversity and inclusion strategy (diversity hiring) and consider the value that metrics and measures may add to capture progress and gaps, rather than simply quotas to check a box (diversity hire). Personal and organizational examples are provided which made for an interesting discussion on hiring practices and highlighted the importance of ongoing support and inclusion practices. Be sure to tune in! 

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