Tackle Tuesday

That's a Wrap! | Season 3 | Ep. 8

August 24, 2023 Johanna Pagonis Season 3 Episode 8
Tackle Tuesday
That's a Wrap! | Season 3 | Ep. 8
Show Notes


In the final episode of this season of the Tackle Tuesday podcast, we reflect back on the concepts covered throughout the last 7 episodes (of this season) and connect it back to the notion of creating brave spaces. 

 The episode provides a brief recap of the rationale for creating our online course, creating brave spaces, and then we review the topics covered throughout this season of the podcast: 

  • Intro to creating brave spaces – we explored how the concept of a brave space differs from a safe space.
  • Self-awareness – we looked at the components of emotional intelligence.
  • Connecting with others part 1 – equity, diversity and inclusion and the role of our identity. 
  • Connecting with others part 2 -  psychological safety and the differences between diversity hiring and diversity hire. 
  • Responding to challenges part 1– conflict. 
  • Responding to challenges part 2 – difficult conversations. 
  • Maintaining brave spaces  – boundaries. 

The episode encourages our own self reflection and challenges our listeners to examine what these concepts mean to them. 

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