Tackle Tuesday

Special Segment Taco Tuesday: Ep. 8 Authentic Leadership

October 06, 2020 Johanna Pagonis
Tackle Tuesday
Special Segment Taco Tuesday: Ep. 8 Authentic Leadership
Show Notes

As more women enter the workforce and into formal leadership positions, we find ourselves searching for a way to lead that is authentic to our true selves. 

Authentic means to live your life according to the needs of our inner being, rather than the demands placed on us by someone else. Your authentic approach to leading yourself and others has to align with your passion and purpose. 

In my interview my interview with Emily Lopez, Global Head of Talent Strategy and Development at ConocoPhillips, she shares her career journey and the discoveries she made along the way in regards to embracing her strengths and using them to help others, inside and outside her organization.

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