Tackle Tuesday

Ep. 10: Innovation – Experimenting in the Margins

November 03, 2020 Johanna Pagonis Season 1 Episode 10
Tackle Tuesday
Ep. 10: Innovation – Experimenting in the Margins
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what innovation actually is? Is it a big idea that transforms life as we know it, or can it be something small that makes life easier? My conversation with Simon T this week provides much needed insight into what innovation is and what it looks like at an individual and organization level. We explore the relationship between innovation, failure, and creativity, and what people can do to nurture their innovative side.

Simon T. - Elevate Your Greatness
LinkedIn: Simon Trevarthen
Instagram: simon_trevarthen
Facebook: Elevate Your Greatness -EYG

e: simon@elevateyourgreatness.com
t: 647 535 1945
w: elevateyourgreatness.com

Sinogap Solutions Leadership Consulting
We help you achieve your company's mission by maximizing the human potential across your workforce.

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