Tackle Tuesday

Ep. 13 Moving from a Culture of Compliance to a Culture of Commitment

December 15, 2020 Johanna Pagonis Season 1 Episode 13
Tackle Tuesday
Ep. 13 Moving from a Culture of Compliance to a Culture of Commitment
Show Notes

For this week’s episode I had the opportunity to interview Sheri Benson, who is the principal owner of Thrive Safety Consulting. From the beginning of her career, she believed strongly that a thriving health and safety system requires strong leadership, a clear culture, and the trust in management that comes from consistent support and development of employees.

We had our conversation in October, but many of the concepts we discuss are especially relevant to what we are experiencing today as we are now in the second phase of closures and restrictions. Our conversation went beyond what safety is, we discussed…

  • What do you do when your values no longer align with your organization’s?
  • What it was like to launch her own business?

But my favourite part of our conversation was when we discussed how to change a company culture that is focused on compliance, towards creating a culture of commitment. 


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