Tackle Tuesday

Ep. 17 Finding Resilience in Darkness

March 02, 2021 Johanna Pagonis Season 1 Episode 17
Tackle Tuesday
Ep. 17 Finding Resilience in Darkness
Show Notes

For this week’s episode I had the opportunity to interview Christina Eanes, a former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager. Christina is on a mission to help others achieve more in life – mainly by getting out of their own way. 

In the past, I have openly shared my struggles as a new entrepreneur and how important it has been to develop my resiliency. That is why I was so excited to have Christina on my podcast. Christina has a unique take on how to develop resiliency in self and others – through escape rooms. Christina quickly discovered that the skills necessary to work through an escape room translated well into being successful in life and becoming better human beings. 

We talked about what an escapelete is and how someone can use escape rooms to develop a grit and growth mindset. 

If you are seeking support in shifting how you perceive and experience life’s challenges, you have to listen to this week’s Tackle Tuesday. I have no doubt you will want to sign up for an escape room experience and put your new learnings to the test!






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