Tackle Tuesday

Ep. 18: Replaceable

March 16, 2021 Johanna Pagonis Season 1 Episode 18
Tackle Tuesday
Ep. 18: Replaceable
Show Notes

Succession planning involves having the right people at the right time to fill critical positions in your organization, but yet many organizations don’t have a succession management process in place.

From my experience, I have witnessed organizational cultures degenerate to toxic levels because when the CEO left, they took their workplace culture with them. They didn’t think about or plan for a successor, which left the organization exposed to incompetent leadership.  

Succession planning doesn’t have to be a complex and multi-layered process. Even the simplest design can have a positive return for a company. This week’s Tackle Tuesday episode focuses on just that!

Beth Armknecht Miller, CEO of Executive Velocity, and I discussed how to build leadership pipelines that are integrated into a succession management process that will ensure your company can fill critical positions at the right time to ensure strategic outcomes are achieved.

*This episode was recorded in November 2020. Comments made regarding "this year" was in reference to 2020.


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