Tackle Tuesday

Ep. 19: Values Based Leadership

March 30, 2021 Johanna Pagonis Season 1 Episode 19
Tackle Tuesday
Ep. 19: Values Based Leadership
Show Notes

Knowing what your values are and how they guide your leadership approach is a critical component in your leadership development journey. 

During my conversation with Justin Yaassoub, Director at All Around Consulting, we explore what values-based leadership is, how to identify what your core values are, and how they become a part of your identity. Justin and I also discussed how living your values contributes to developing an authentic and credible leadership style.

If you are seeking ways to develop and/or improve your leadership approach, listen to Justin’s words of wisdom and his perspective on what it means to lead in an authentic way.

All Around Consulting

Sinogap Solutions Leadership Consulting
We help you achieve your company's mission by maximizing the human potential across your workforce.

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