Tackle Tuesday

Ep. 21 | How to Create a System of Love and Grace

May 25, 2021 Johanna Pagonis Season 1 Episode 21
Tackle Tuesday
Ep. 21 | How to Create a System of Love and Grace
Show Notes

For this week’s Tackle Tuesday episode, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Dan Edds who is the CEO of Praxis Solutions, a management consulting firm. 

Dan is the author of Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership - Cracking the Code of Sustainable Team Performance. Dan’s book reveals a new approach to leadership development, which some have called revolutionary

I have read his book and I can attest that it is definitely an amazing book! 

During our conversation we explore and tackle how important love is, yes you read that right, love is in creating cohesive and inclusive teams

I have no doubt this episode will get you thinking about what leadership is, and new methods of developing your leaders in a very different and revolutionary way


Praxis Solutions 

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