Tackle Tuesday

Woman Up! | Season 2 | Ep. 2

October 25, 2021 Johanna Pagonis Season 2 Episode 2
Tackle Tuesday
Woman Up! | Season 2 | Ep. 2
Show Notes


Over the last year and a half, women have made important strides in gaining representation in senior leadership, but the pandemic continues to take a toll as women are significantly more burned out than their male counterparts.

In this month’s episode of Tackle Tuesday, I discuss some of the challenges I faced as a female leader in a male dominated industry and how that led me to designing the Woman Up! program. 

I also discuss the confidence gap and imposter syndrome theories and why I believe these theories create more challenges for women seeking entry into leadership positions.

I have experienced lack of confidence throughout the years, even with the launching of Woman Up, but my stepson recently reminded me how important it is to be a role-model and woman up myself. So that is what I am doing!

I hope you enjoy this month’s episode and the personal stories I share.


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