Tackle Tuesday

Love as a Business Strategy | Season 2 | Ep. 4

December 28, 2021 Johanna Pagonis Season 2 Episode 4
Tackle Tuesday
Love as a Business Strategy | Season 2 | Ep. 4
Show Notes

In this month’s episode, I hosted a round table style interview with Mohammad Anwar and Jeff Ma, senior leaders at Softway Solutions a software tech company and co-authors of the bestselling book, Love as a Business Strategy.
Mohammad and Jeff shared that after years of continued growth and success the company reached a point where their aggressive growth strategies failed them, and they began to lose clients and profits in an almost fatal downward spiral. 

After rethinking their business culture and hoping to reverse the downward trend, they were inspired upon Mohammad hearing a football coach who used love as a strategy to help support the whole team. Mohammad was astonished that the team embraced love in this way and began to make small changes to shift the culture at Softway to put love at the heart of the business.

Listen in to discover Softway Solution’s Platinum Rule and how empathy has been the necessary element to increased diversity and inclusion in their teams.

*Timestamps are listed below links.

Love as a Business Strategy website

Softway Solutions

Love as a Business Strategy podcast


Mohammad Anwar on LinkedIn

Mohammad Anwar on Facebook

Mohammad Anwar on Instagram

Jeffrey Ma on LinkedIn

[03:17] Mohammad explains the origins of Love as a Business Strategy

[06:41] The culture of love

[09:56] Jeffrey’s story of joining Softway

[12:41] Redefining what an expert is 

[13:47] The before and after of using love as a business strategy

[18:23] The six pillars of love in the workplace 

[22:57] What is empathy in the workplace?

[27:48] How empathy leads to greater diversity and inclusion

[30:42] The Platinum Rule

[33:12] What is empowerment and how does inclusion lead to empowered employees? 

[37:56] What’s the ROI on using love as a business strategy? 

[41:37] Writing a book with four authors

[47:27] What is Culture+?

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